36 Best Cheap American Beers

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If there’s one thing America is good at, it’s making cheap beer. Times are tough, we’ve all been there, so if you’re going to drink cheap beer, do it informed and drink the best worst.  Article after the jump!


Here’s there TOP 5

5. Pabst Blue Ribbon. It took me a few years to come around on PBR, probably because I was the sort of dipshit who worried about what message my beer was sending. Now that I’m liberated from such petty concerns, I can tell the world, “Hey, look at me spend $14 to get all-day drunk on clean, nondescript beer that tastes like Budweiser is supposed to.”

4. Utica Club. This has a fair bit going on, flavor-wise, which is risky business. Less is usually much more in this price category, but UC is the rare cheapie that pulls off its dangerous ambition. This Central New Yorker’s unique vegetal maltiness is much better than the phrase “unique vegetal maltiness” suggests. I’ll never write their marketing copy, but I’ll always drink their beer.

3. Coors. You don’t see much yellow-canned original Coors Banquet Beer in Boston, which is a small shame, since it’s a half-step better than its direct competitors. See above regarding Nazis and unions and what not.

2. Narragansett. This resurrected New England legend was prominently featured in Jaws, then went away for a couple decades, and is now prominently featured in my refrigerator.

1. Grain Belt Premium. I always think of Minnesota as a secretly sexy place, and not just because of Kent Hrbek and Al Franken. Maybe it’s all the trout and music and Lutherans. Toss in a smooth, creamy, and dreamy local budget brew like Grain Belt and it’s a wonder Minnesota hasn’t seceded to form its own naked blond utopia. Grain Belt Premium is America’s finest cheap beer.


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