Banned! The iOS App Apple Doesn’t Want You To Play

by • November 2, 2015 • TechComments (0)1088

It’s no secret Apple has sometimes had a heavy hand when it comes to app store approvals. Where some apps have a hard time, the Android App store is more lenient. For better or worse, they let every app in. This is usually a good thing versus Apple’s approach except in this case. Petr Svarovsky is pissed and recently told WIRED magazine about how he had his app banned by Apple. What could this App do that could be so bad? Well the sole purpose of this app is to throw his or her phone as high as they can into the air. The result is a lot of idiots destroying their phone.


That hasn’t stop Android app store from it’s approval. People are getting in on the joke and actually leaving it a decent rating.


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